I’ve been following Tesla Car company for about two years now and I really like where this company is bringing potential to the market. I have dreamed of having a supper efficient and environmentally contentious.


Tesla released its fourth quarter and full year earnings for 2012 on Wednesday, and revealed that the company is expecting to generate its first quarterly profit — excluding non-cash options and warrant-related expenses — in the first quarter of 2013. So, yes, that’s on a non-GAAP basis, but it’s a pretty sizable achievement for the decade-old company.

Tesla also confirmed that it has hit its previously reported goal of producing its second electric car the Model S at a rate of 400 cars per week and 20,000 cars per year. This production rate is crucial because it will mean Tesla can get its Model S cars out to its line of thousands of customers in a timely manner and can book those revenues.

Tesla said for the fourth quarter of 2012, it made 2,750 Model S cars, and a total of 3,100 vehicles during the full year 2012. The company…

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