The Future is Now!

People ask, what do I do or, more realistically what I want to do. My answer is simple. I want to help us all be better stewards of our planet. Actually I want to physically clean our oceans, and you should want me to be successful. As a race, a species of animals if you will, we humans have done some horrible things to the planet and to one another. However, our growth is at a point where it’s harder to behave in ways that are harmless. Every part of our societies from first to third world countries, there is an impact of our technology and advancement that is known as plastic.

Many people think, well I recycle – isn’t that enough? I know this is: the stories about our planet and how much is prevalent in the food steam of wild animals is quite disturbing. Over the weekend, news reports flooded the views of a sperm whale that ate plastic sheeting and many other items. Regularly, animals are found deceased from malnutrition because they have been eating plastic.

As parents and guardian’s of the next generation of humans, we are protective of what our children eat. We advocate for the quality of life our food has, preferring to not support inhumane treatment of our livestock. Factory farms, lead, chromium – these are all common place danger words for most.

When it comes to the future of our world, and life upon it, action by each human is necessary. Reducing the quantity of harmful pollutants means buying less plastic, strengthening our recycling laws and continuing to develop ways to effectively divert all plastics away from the waste and single use streams. Additionally, taking daily action by using public transportation, planning purchases in ‘one run trips’ and in home conservation efforts like turning down the heat (or air conditioning), using water efficient toilets and shower-heads all make significant differences.

If you’ve been reading along from the beginning, you know I advocate a 2 garbage can system. What ways to you ensure you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle efficiently?

Sperm Whale Dead in Spain
Pollution in our Deep Seas
The Great Garbage Patch
5 Gyres Institute

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