Covid 19 is everywhere, how to make and wear a mask.

img_20200410_222958012Welcome to the new world in which we live.  Like some thriller thrown from our living room televisions to being in our actual living rooms, Covid 19 and the new world of life practices are upon us.   For the last several weeks, I have been sewing and making masks for both front line workers and everyday people to be safe when in the community.  You would be surprised to learn that I relearned how to use a sewing machine over a week time span.

First I want to send you to a video on how to wear my mask.  Maybe you are a front line workers who received a donated mask, or maybe you purchased one from a local business or from me directly.  First, thank you.  The following linked video will show you how to properly wear your mask.  Once you have watched this video on how to wear the mask you have, please feel free to come back and check out my page.


To learn how to make a mask in the “Olsen Medical Style” I am going to send you to Craft Passion for a template to print. They have some great techniques on their page for those who want to learn the step by step of sewing a mask.

What I want you to know is that making one mask at a time is not a good use of time and energy. The average mask of high quality will take 45 min to make one piece at a time.  Mass producing masks can reduce the time 10-20 min per mask.   To show you some of the tips and tricks I have figured out, I will send you to another video I made.  This will also introduce you to the paracord modification so that you too can make a nice tie up mask instead of one with elastic.

Thank you, enjoy your mask if you got one.  To order your mask for $15 plus shipping and handling, please send me an email at