About Me

My name is Brian Loma, a faithful -active believer in the teachings of Jesus Christ, vocal community activist, MMJ Patient and Environmental Scientist.   I’m an environmentalist through and true.  A tree huger, maybe?  Throughout my life I have actively participated in metal recycling, composting, and man made recycling for over 30 years.  As a child my grandparents and I used to patrol highways for litter and aluminum.  One of  first business endeavors was a waste metal recycling operation in south-east Wisconsin.   With some friends we set up recycling routes where we collected a wide variety of metals, diverting them from the landfill waste stream.  My focus was based on diverting common materials that were not historically recycled.  I went to automotive maintenance facilities and new construction sites.  Our goal was to change the methodology of scrap metal recycling by including metals that were not considered part of the standard waste metal stream.  Today I still participate. Besides continuing to recycle  metals for the scrap yard, I am a constant proponent of all things sustainable, carbonless and renewable.  Currently I am involved with grassroots action and the process of discussing daily personal actions to counteract the way our consumer process have developed into a thoughtless patterns of  consumption.

After spending a decade in the health insurance industry I returned to school where I received my Bachelors of Science in Sustainable Infrastructure and Practices.  Currently I reside in American Samoa where I am working on solutions to plastic pollution and am attempting to help create a national recycling program.  Additionally, I practice a minimal plastic consumption lifestyle using portable beverage containers, cloth shopping sacks, and constant activism on the behalf of our planet.

I like to say that I’ve worked on behalf of the environment throughout my life.  As a child I used to spend time with my grandparents actively cleaning the roadways in our communities.  Spending my childhood in Wisconsin, I grew up in places where recycling is the law.  Because of this, I’ve pushed for recycling programs at places of employment as well as incorporating composting and recycling at faith based feeding programs in my communities.  Several of these composting programs have even come to directly benefit on site community gardens!

During my time as a non traditional student in Colorado,  I’ve worked to impact regulations in addition to physical remediation.  with Environment Colorado, The Greenway Foundation and Rock The Earth to raise money that allows for the education of communities and the legal protection of Colorado lands.  For Environment Colorado we were also building support for energy development requirements that set minimum standards for the quantity of energy developed by solar and wind sources.  My main project with Rock the Earth was ensuring that the Bureau of Land Management established practical guidelines for energy extraction of the Roan Plateau.  Additionally, beginning in the Spring of 2014 I began a campaign to adopt over a mile of trails directly connected to the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver.

After successfully working to bring members from the community together with representatives from the City of Denver and Metropolitan State University  we were able to adopt the Cherry Creek Green Belt.   Over my senior year I lead students and faculty in excess of 600 hours of cleanups removing hundreds of pounds of waste and recycled debris from the water.  These cleanups are the first for the Denver Parks District where volunteer crews actively keep recyclable materials separate and deposited into single stream recycling.  Additionally I have spoken at  the Water Assembly, with members of the Colorado Water Congress and with Colorado state legislators on HB15-1144.  This bill will regulate some of the use of micro-plastics in the state; specifically those in cosmetic and washing products sold over the counter manner.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Brian,
    I have been following you & your friends in Denver for a while now. I am glad that I decided to search for “cuttheplastic” on DDG via the Tenta browser.
    You have had quite an interesting life experience so far. I believe that souls travel in packs through the universe. Souls are made of pure energy and energy can never be destroyed.
    ✌️ 👀 👍

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