Amazing things are happening!

Accademia in America continues to stun me.  See I’m one of those that didn’t get, didn’t grasp the value of education the first time round.  Drinking, experimentation and new freedom without much parental guidance of responsibility ruled the day.
After most of my generation made decisions to stop having children, I decided to go back to school.  For me, this decision was a complete change of life, and a decision to chase after the ideas that were most important to me.

What I found is that I’m not alone.  All across America people of all ages continue to come back for more, and while the 2012-2013 Finals season is among us to many this is more than a championship cup and millions of dollars in contracts and sponsorship prizes. Instead its about pride, goals, overcoming fear and building confidence.

I am truly amazed when I ponder the effort that goes into preparing for excellence.  Roughly two weeks ago, I myself alienated a friend as I melted down over the weight of a major term paper.  But this posting isn’t about me.  It’s about students all over, and a couple of people I am proud to call friends.

These friends are not the normal variety either.  They are the kind that stress about details, about accuracy, intrigue and the abnormal.  I relate to them because of their passions, their desires to reach beyond their depths of known confidences to find a little something more and then, instead of handing in a paper and calling it a day they will be taking their labors of love and doing the unthinkable – preseting in lecture format!

On Thursday, in the community of Aurora, Colorado will be having a special treat.  Here, a community will come together to discuss writing, authors and the love of literature.  Students become the teachers, opening themselves up for whatever may be. If you live in or near the Aurora community it would be most wise to come for lunch and check out Jennifer Bird and Seth Cardin as they present H.P. Lovecraft Cosmic Horror for an Uncertain Age and Stephen King Pet Cemetery A Literary Argument on the Community College of Aurora’s CenterTech campus.